Anna Duyunova


Calgary, AB


Through my works I show my passion for Art, and I want to get the audience exited about Art. I want to evoke feelings and new thoughts, bring old memories and dreams, show the beauty of ordinary things.

My Art always comes from the heart.
It is my personal experience and dream world, my escape from triviality, and power to speak about lyric and dramatic poetry of life
For me Art is not an imitation of nature, and in my works I like to show the beauty of the ordinary things.
I create works with combination of reality and wonderland, painting landscapes and portraits with mystery realism. I draw fantasy and allegory compositions, showing the enhancement of nature. I get inspired by the music, nature, travel impressions, and some memories and observations.
In years I developed my own artistic style based on the traditions of some European and Asian artistic Divisions, like Synthetism , with its usage of vivid colours and some simplifications of forms.

My passion is to draw with pen and ink.
I found the philosophy of life in this black and white unity.
Sometimes I feel a need for color, and I add to my black and white compositions some burst of colours. It brings a lot of new and fresh themes, and gives me the new opportunities to express my feelings and thoughts. I like to play with lines, watch them to float and create the new images.
My other passion is painting with acrylic.
Regardless of the motive, acrylic paint portrays a symphony of color - it is a real treat and celebration of colours!
I like the special brightness and flexibility of acrylic paint, with endless possibilities for experimentations. Sometimes I like to paint alla prima, and apply the first impression, the fleeting visions of reality.
For this reason I like to work with watercolour paint and draw with watercolour pencils as well.

~ Anna Duyunova considers art a vehicle for materializing and intensifying the intimate and emotional tones that pervade an ephemeral moment in time,creating moving and memorable works. The Kazakhstani-born Canadian painter draws inspiration from her travel across the world,injecting a sense of fantasy and wonder into a variety of scenes. Her subjects are quite traditional,ranging from landscapes and allegorical themes to portraits and genre scenes. Duyunova relies on a variety of materials to render artworks,from waterclors and acrylic paints to pens,pencils,and ink. Her approach to painting is multifaceted :whereas her alla prima compositions are reminiscent of the Impressionists,a number of her acrylic works often evoke the color-driven Fauvist works of Henri Matisse and Andre Derain,especially in their simplification of forms and saturated colors.~ Agora Gallery,NYC,2010

Until 1998 year Anna Duyunova was living in Kazakhstan, where she was introduced to European and Asian cultures. She took her first art education in variety of Art Studios and workshops, and continued to study Fine Art for five years in Alma- Ata State Institute of Fine Art, Theatre and Design.
Anna Duyunova graduated from Alma - Ata State Institute of Fine Art, Theatre and Design with Bachelor Degrees in Fine Art and Design, and exhibited in a variety of group art shows.
Since 1998 year Anna Duyunova is living in Canada, where she found her real homeland. She is running home based Art Studio, where she works as a freelance artist and art instructor.
Anna Duyunova exhibits in many on-line galleries, and in some galleries in Europe and North America, and her works can be found in Galleria Monteolivetto, Italy- France, but mostly in private collections around the world.
Anna Duyunova resent most significant exhibitions are “Beyond Borders”, Exhibition of Fine Art from Canada, Agora Gallery, New York, USA, 2010, variety of art shows in Gallery Monteolivetto, Italy – France during 2010- 2012, Solo Exhibition” Wonderful Promenade”, Gallery Monteolivetto, Nice, France, 2012 ,”Art Takes Times Square” Special Performance by Twin Shadows , New York, 2012, “Regattas of America’s Cup” International Art Show and Competition Naples, Italy, 2012 -2013, “In The Minds. Art of Innovation”, International Group Exhibition, Vividart Network and Gallery Mentana, Florence, Italy, 2013, and “Crossing Over” with Rio Gallery II and Art Tour International and Vivid Arts Network, New York, 2013, Solo Exhibition “ Pursuit of Happiness” in “Essentia”, Calgary in March – April 2014.
As well Anna Duyunova exhibits in Leighton Art Center in some group art shows and competitions like “Inspired by Travel”, 2012 and “ Transcending Tradition”, 2013, “ Below Zero”, 2014 and her work can be found in Motion Gallery, Calgary.
Some of her works were published in Poetry book of Viet Tran “Shining Above The Rainbow”, Blurb, 2012 and in the “Art Tour International Magazine 2013.

Selected Art Shows and Exhibitions

2014 Group Art Shows in Motion Art Gallery,Calgary, July- August- September.
Spring Art Shows with art groups " Beacon Original Art" and " Silhouette"
Leighton Art Centre 40th Anniversary 12th Annual Juried Members Show " Best of the Leighton's Artists, Calgary, April 12-
May 10th
" Pursuit of Happiness", Solo Exhibition in Essentia, Calgary, April - May
Leighton Art Centre," Below Zero", Group Show and Competition
2013 The Eleven Annual Juried Members Show “ Transcending Tradition”, Leighton
Art Centre, Calgary
Spring Show of Art Group “ Silhouette”, Atlantis Fine Framing Studio, Calgary
International Competition and Art Show of Contemporary Art, “Regatta. America’s
Cup”, Naples, Italy
Vividarts Network and Arttour International with Rio GalleryII, Group Art Show" Crossing Over", New York, USA
International Group Exhibition ”in The Minds. Art of Innovation”,
Vividarts Network and Gallery Mentana, Florence, Italy
2012 Autumn Art Show with ”Silhouette “ Art Group, Calgary
Autumn Art Show with “Beacon Original Art” Group, Calgary
Vivid Arts Network “Conscious Creation”, International Fine Art Competition
“Cutting Edge”, Masters of Contemporary Art
Art Takes Times Square, Special Performance by Twin Shadow in June 18th, New York
Leighton Art Centre, “Inspired by Travel”, Competition and Group Exhibition
International Competition and Art Show of Contemporary Art in Occasion of
Regattas of America’s Cup in Naples, Galleria Monteoliveto, Naples, Italy
“Artist of Year”, Competition in Artist Wanted
Spring Art Show with “Beacon Original Art”, Calgary
Solo Exhibition ”Wonderful Promenade in Occasion of Nice Carnival”, Galleria
Monteoliveto, Nice, France
2012- 2011 Group Exhibitions of Acrylic Paintings in Galleria Monteoliveto, Naples, Italy
2011 Group Exhibition”Paris Project:Expressions of Art”,Galleria Monteoliveto/Galerie De
l’Europe, Paris,France
Group Exhibition” Derriere le Miroir”, Galleria Monteoliveto, Nice, France
Richeson 75 Figure/Portrait Competition,USA
“P5 Personales “, Group Exhibition,Galleria Monteoliveto, Naples, Italy
Autumn Art Show with “Beacon Art”, Calgary
2011 - 2010 25th and 26th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, New York, USA
2011-2010 Exhibition on ArtMine via Agora Gallery, New York
2010 “Beyond Borders”, Exhibition of Fine Art From Canada ,Agora Gallery, New York,USA
2010 - 2009 Group Art Shows with Art Group ”Vernissage”, Calgary
2008 – present Fine Art Competitions via Fine Art America
1994 ‘New Horizon”, Group Exhibition of Watercolors, Alma –Ata (Almaty),Kazakhstan
1992 - 1991 Annual Spring Shows “ Navrus”, Alma-Ata( Almaty), Kazakhstan
1992 -1990 Group Exhibitions “ Young Artists of Kazakhstan”, Alma- Ata( Almaty), Kazakhstan
1982-1986 Student Exhibitions and Art Shows, Alma –Ata ( Almaty), Kazakhstan
1982 “Young Talents” Group Exhibition, Alma – Ata, Kazakhstan
“My Pushkin”, Group Exhibition, The State Museum of Fine Art by name of A.S.
Pushkin, Moscow, Russia

Art Prints



Autumn Sun by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague, Vltava by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Melancholy by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. In The Shade Of The Trees. by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Jewish Quarter by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Baroque Violin by Anna Duyunova


Autumn Colors by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Birds by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Last Dance by Anna Duyunova


Autumn in Prague. Visiting Franz Kafka by Anna Duyunova


Angels of Prague. by Anna Duyunova


Gingerbread Prague. by Anna Duyunova


Prague by Anna Duyunova


New Snow by Anna Duyunova


The Musical Alphabet Of Winter by Anna Duyunova


Frozen Memories by Anna Duyunova


Winter Day Napping by Anna Duyunova


Morozko by Anna Duyunova


Frozen Aspens by Anna Duyunova


One step to the winter evening by Anna Duyunova


The Autumn For My Soul by Anna Duyunova


Dual Sun by Anna Duyunova


Autumn Goodbye by Anna Duyunova


My Summer Visitor by Anna Duyunova


Beer of Prague by Anna Duyunova


Blues of Prague. by Anna Duyunova


Prague. Fred and Ginger Dancing House. by Anna Duyunova


Gloomy Morning by Anna Duyunova


Turkish Night by Anna Duyunova


Istanbul by Anna Duyunova


Devotional Dance. by Anna Duyunova


Turkish Music by Anna Duyunova


Cappadocia Gravity by Anna Duyunova


Turkish Cat by Anna Duyunova


Turkish Sunset by Anna Duyunova


Lifetime Stories by Anna Duyunova


Autumn Solitude by Anna Duyunova


Prague. Chertovka by Anna Duyunova


Pomegranate by Anna Duyunova


Autumn Wind by Anna Duyunova


The Old Warrior by Anna Duyunova


Istanbul Impressions. Lost in the city. by Anna Duyunova


Cappadocia Sky by Anna Duyunova


Three Symbolic Paintings About Turkey by Anna Duyunova


Turkey by Anna Duyunova


Prague by Anna Duyunova


Autumn Snail by Anna Duyunova